Tuesday, May 29

Sound Advice from Umar ibn Al-Khattab, radiallahu anhu.

Umar radiallahu anhu said, "Take account of your own selves(i.e., of your deeds), before you will be taken to account(on the Day of Resurrection). Weigh yourselves(i.e., your deeds) before you will be weighed(i.e., before your deeds will be put on the balances on the Day of Resurrection). Verily, if you hold yourselves accountable today, the accountability tomorrow (on the Day of Resurrection) will be easier upon you. And adorn yourselves for the greater display(for when you will be brought to Judgment):

"That Day shall you be brought to Judgment, not a secret of you will be hidden." 69:18

And Umar radiallahu anhu once said to Al-Ahnaf bin Qais, "O Ahnaf, the more one laughs, the less dignity will he posses. Whoever jokes (excessively or indecently) is a person who will be taken lightly. Whoever does something frequently will become known by that thing. Whoever speaks often, errs often; the more often one errs, the less modesty will he posses; whoever has a low level of modesty will also have a low level of piety; and when one has a low level of piety, then his heart dies."

When advising another man, 'Umar radiallahu anhu said, "Do not speak about that which does not concern you. Know your enemy and be wary of your friend, except for the trustworthy one. And no one is trustworthy, except for the person who fears Allah. Do not walk with the evildoer, lest he teaches you some of his wickedness; and do not reveal your secrets to him. And when you consult others in your affairs, consult only those who fear Allah 'azza wa-jall(the Possessor of might and majesty)."

Taken from Sifatus-Safwah

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