Tuesday, May 29

One of Al-Hasan Al-Basri's Sermons

Habib Al-Abid reports: Once, when I arrived in Al-Basrah, I was surprised to see that the markets were closed, and the streets empty. I called out, "O people of Basrah, is this some kind of holiday of yours that I don't know about." Someone answered, "No, but Al-Hasan Al-Basri is in the main gathering place (of Basrah), giving a sermon to the people." I hurried to his gathering, and when I arrived there, I saw him sitting down on some high ground. He was saying: "O people, prepare for departure, for very little time remains from this world. Prepare to move (to the Hereafter), for there is no way to stay here. Do you not know that you will soon be surrendered to the place of trial? Do you not know that each one of you will soon be alone with his deeds and that you will be presented (with your deeds) to Allah on the Day of Judgment? He ordered you to obey Him, bu you have not obeyed Him. He forbade you from sinning, but you have not desisted from perpetrating (sins). He has (threatened) you with the Hell-fire, but you are neither afraid not terrified of it. He has encouraged you to seek out Paradise, but you do not (seem to) desire it or long for it. Your white hairs are warning you of approaching death, so what are you waiting for? O white-haired one, you are able to perform good deeds, so what is your excuse. O one who obeys his mouth and his desires, who wastes his share of the hereafter by taking his entire share in this world, who persists in perpetrating sins and evil deeds - would that I knew: what will your excuse be when you stand before Him? What argument will you put forth when you go to Him? You are lost and misguided, so ask Allah, the All-Mighty, to forgive both me and you."

Al Mawa'iz Wal Majalis

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