Saturday, May 19

Abu Bakr as-Siddiq radiallahu anhu said, "Iblis is standing in front of you, your nafs is on your right, your desire is on your left, the dunya is behind you, your limbs and senses are around you, and the Omnipotent is above you. Iblis, may Allah curse him, calls you to leave the Religion, the nafs calls you to disobedience, desire calls you to fulfilling your passion, the dunya calls you to choose it over the Hereafter, your limbs and senses call you towards sins, and the Omnipotent calls you to Paradise and Forgiveness. Allah the Exalted says (in the Qur'an): "And Allah invites you to Paradise and Forgiveness." The one who responds to Iblis will lose his Religion, the one who responds to the nafs will lose his soul, the one who responds to desire will lose his intellect, the one who responds to the dunya will the Hereafter, the one who responds to his limbs and senses will lose Paradise, the one who responds to Allah will lose all sins and acquire all types of goodness."

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