Monday, May 21

Smile - Pause to reflect

When you experienced sadness yesterday, your situation didn't get any better by you being sad. Your son failed in school, and you became depressed, yet did your depression change the fact that he failed? Your father passed away, and you became downhearted, yet did that bring him back to life? You lost your business, and you became saddened. did this change your situation by transforming losses into profits?

Do not be sad: You became despondent due to a calamity, and by doing so, created additional calamities. You became depressed because of poverty and this only increased the bitterness of your situation. You became gloomy because of what your enemies said to you, by entering into that mental state, you unwittingly helped them in their attack upon you. You became sullen because you expected a particular misfortune, and yet it never came to pass.

Do not be sad: Truly a large mansion will not protect you from the effects of depression; and neither will a beautiful wife, abundant wealth, a high position, or brilliant children.

Do not be sad: Sadness causes you to imagine poison when you are really looking at pure water, to see a cactus when you are looking at a rose, to see a barren desert when you are looking at a lush garden, and to feel that you are in an unbearable prison when you are living on a vast and spacious earth.

Do not be sad: You have two eyes, two ears, lips, two hands, two legs, a tongue, a heart, peace, safety and a healthy body.

“Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both [jinn and men] deny?” Surah Ar-Rahman – Ayah 13

Do not be sad: You have the true Religion to live by, a house to live in, bread to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, a wife to find comfort in; why then the melancholy?

Taken from: Do Not Be Sad - Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

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brother that pink hijabi pic! i took it from Umm is her website!
jazakallah khair for such an amazin article..Its soo tru! depression is not a Muslim disease!