Friday, September 14

The worshiper prefers the pleasure of Allaah to his own desires. He devotes his energy and efforts to Him. The servant does whatever good he is able to do for Allaah's creation. Therefore, he shows love towards the creation in a way that he would like them to show affection towards him. He treats them the way that he would like to be treated. He calls them by the names that he likes to be called. He advises them with advice that he would give himself. He chooses for them that which he would choose for himself.

He bears their harm and injury although they may not tolerate his. He refrains from defaming their honor and he does not seek retaliation when he is slandered. If he sees good in them, he spreads it and if he sees evil he conceals it. He establishes excuses for them within his ability without nullifying the Sharee'ah. The obedient worshipper does not contradict the commands and prohibitions of Allaah. Along with that, he has good and righteous character. He possesses virtue such as forbearance, dignity, tranquility, mercy, patience, and fulfilling promises.

[Sins And Their Punishments by Ibnul Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, p. 9-10]

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