Tuesday, June 12

The ways of Shaytan

Ibn al-Qayyim wrote:

From his stratagem is that he always bewitches the mind until he can deceive the person. No one is safe from his bewitching except whomsoever Allah wills. He makes good looking to him what harms him the most, until he imagines that it is the most beneficial act for himself. And he makes him flee from the most beneficial act until he thinks it is something harmful to him. Certainly, there is no god but Allah. How many hearts have been tested by such sorcery. How many hearts have been kept from Islam, faith and goodness [by such sorcery]. And how many support and present falsehood in the best form and hate truth and present it in the worst form [because of his deception]. And how much falseness is adored and shown in a desirous manner to the alert.And how much falseness is spread even among the wise. He is the one who Bewitches the mind until it follows different desires and various evil Opinions. He makes them follow every path of misguidance. He leads them to actions, one after another, that cause their destruction.

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