Thursday, June 7

Five Things Cause Five Others

Abu Hurayrah, radhiallahu `anhu said, "If anyone has five things then he will not be deprived of five others.

1. He who is enabled to show gratitude will never be deprived of increase of blessings.

"If you give thanks, certainly I will give you more." (14:7)

2. He who is guided to persevere will not be deprived of reward.

"Truly the persevering will be paid their reward in full without reckoning." (39:10)

3. One who is inspired to repent will not be deprived of its acceptance:

"And He is (Allah) Who accepts repentance from His servants." (42:25)

4. One who is enabled to seek forgiveness will not be deprived of receiving pardon.

"Seek forgiveness of your Lord; surely He is Ever-Forgiving." (71:10)

5. He who is spurred to make supplication is not deprived of an answer.

"Call upon Me, and I shall answer you." (40:60)

Someone else added a sixth proposition that one who is encouraged to spend will not be deprived of reward thereof.

"And whatsoever you expend (for good) He shall replace it." (34:39)

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