Saturday, March 8


Gratitude (shukr) is expressed with the heart, by acknowledging Allah's favours, attesting to them and not considering oneself deserving of them, but instead recognizing that they are purely from the Lord's bountiful grace. It is expressed with the tongue by praising Allah for His favours and proclaiming them. [It is expressed] with the limbs by not being disobedient to Allah, but rather by utilizing His favours to obey Him.

If he is granted any worldly thing, he thanks Allah for it. If something of this world is removed from him, he [still] thanks Allah, for some­times the withdrawal of a favour removes the person from a greater evil. If he is granted the ability to do an act of obedience, he sees this as a grace (tawfiq) from Allah, for which he [again] thanks Him.

And Allah's aid is sought.

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