Friday, January 11

Ibn al-Qayyim said (2/248):

"Good character with the Creator and with the cre­ation revolves around two statements which were mentioned by Shaykh 'Abd al-­Qadir al-Jilani who said:

'Be with the Truth, without creation; and be with cre­ation, without ego (nafs).'

So consider carefully! How amazing are these state­ments, despite their brevity, and how they gather together the principles of way­faring (suluk) and every beautiful character. Corruption of character arises from putting the creation between yourself and Allah, and by putting your ego between yourself and His creation. So when you isolate the creation, in that state when you are with Allah the Exalted; and when you isolate your ego, in that state when you are with the creation - then you have fully attained to the ideals of the People of Spirituality (al-qawm). And Allah's aid is sought."

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