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The servant's perfection lies in these two matters, which are: reliance (tawakkul) upon Allah, and striving diligently to obey Allah. The ser­vant's perfection is hindered by the loss of anyone of them.

The reality of reliance entails two matters: dependence upon Allah and trust in Allah. So he depends upon his Lord with his heart for procur­ing what will benefit him, in both his religious and worldly affairs. He acknowledges his lack of power and inability and instead places his trust in Allah in order to acquire what will benefit him or to repel what will harm him. Futhermore he strives to utilize those causes (asbab) that will lead him to what is sought after.

The details of this is that when he firmly resolves to perform an act of worship, he strives to complete it and beautify it, sparing no effort to do so. He frees himself from depending upon his own self and strength, but instead resorts to, and depends upon, his Lord in order to allow him to complete and perfect [that act]; having a good expectation of Allah. When he firmly resolves to leave an act of disobedience that his soul incites him to, he fulfills those causes that will lead him to leaving that sin; such as considering it and turning his limbs from it. Then, after this, he places his trust in Allah, resorts to Him in order that He may protect him from it, and has good expectations of Allah with regards to Allah protecting him.

If he does this in everything that he does and leaves, then success is to be hoped for him, if Allah the Exalted wills. But as for the person who seeks Allah's aid and relies upon Him, but leaves the striving that is a pre-requisite for it, then this is not reliance. Rather, it is mockery! Such is also the case of one who does strive, but depends upon his owns elf and does not rely upon his Lord; he is only deluding himself.

The Exquisite Pearl By Shaykh 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sa'di

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