Friday, November 23


"Those who deliver the messages of Allah and fear Him, and do not fear any one but Allah" (Al-Ahzaab, 33:39)

"It is Shaitaan who only frightens his friends, so fear them not but fear ME, if you are believers." (Aali-'Imraan, 3:175)

Fear can be religious or worldly. Religious fear is the fear of a Divine Being, and must be exclusive only to Allah. Fear of Laat or Uzza would be an example of a fear that is shirk.

Worldly fear can be fear of anything worldly like fear of a snake. These are natural and tangible fears, they are not supernatural. A natural fear may be cowardice, but it is not shirk.

The more emaan one has leads to less fear of the worldly things.

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JazakAllah kahir for all your posts..

can i request you to post the references when you post some hadith or narrations...Thanks